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3 Tips for Using a Microwave Grill Pan

by Business Highers
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Using a microwave can leave your food soggy, rubbery, or burnt. Somehow it never comes out prettier than when you tossed it in. Now you just toss it out.

Unless you have a Microwave grill pan.

No matter what you’re making, a grill pan is a simple solution to many of the problems plaguing microwave cooking. Here’s how to use it and what to make with it.

1. Greasing Your Grill Pan

Greasing your grill pan is an important tip to consider when using your grill pan. The best way to ensure that your food doesn’t stick to the pan is to grease it with baking oil or butter before use. Pour a small amount of oil or melted butter onto a paper towel, then rub it all over the surface of the grill pan.

This step will not only make it easier to work with, but also prevent food items from sticking and ruining the flavor and texture of your food. Additionally, make sure to use a low to medium heat setting when cooking as this will help to ensure even cooking. Finally, consider flipping the food occasionally and adjust the cooking time as needed to help ensure your food is cooked thoroughly and evenly.

2. Preheating the Grill Pan 

When using a grill pan, one of the most important steps to remember is preheating. Preheating is essential for creating the right flavors and texture in your food. To preheat, the grill pan needs to be placed in the microwave at the highest possible heat setting for five minutes.

After that, the fullness of food dictates the remaining cooking time. Preheating your microwave grill pan before each use will enable more efficient and better-tasting meals.

3. Cleaning and Storing the Grill Pan

When cleaning and storing your microwave grill pans, be sure to use mild soap and non-abrasive cleaning cloths or sponges to clean the pan. This will help avoid scratching and other damage that can occur with harsher cleaning products. Allow the pan to cool completely before washing it with warm, soapy water.

If grease or food has become baked onto the pan, soak the pan for a few minutes and then scrub with a soft cloth. After cleaning with soap and water, rinse the pan and dry completely before storing. Store the pan in a cool, dry location, such as a cupboard.

Be sure to always store the pan with the lid off, to prevent moisture from accumulating and causing rust or discoloration. You can also buy some useful microwave accessories for your microwave.

Tips for Using Your Microwave Grill Pan

Follow these tips to get great results from your Microwave grill pan. Enjoy succulent grilling with less mess and less time – your taste buds will thank you!

With a bit of practice, you’ll be a master of microwave grilling. So, go ahead, give it a try, and make your meals even more delicious!

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