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4 Business Data Storage Errors and How to Avoid Them

by Business Highers

Every year, more than 40% of businesses fall victim to cyber-attacks. Despite this, less than 70% of companies say they’re concerned about experiencing cyber attacks in the near future.

Your business should 100% be at least a little worried about the common cyber threats out there. You never know when one is going to strike and have a detrimental impact on your company.

Your business should also prioritize protecting business data and avoid all business data storage errors. Here are four of the biggest mistakes your business can make when it comes to data storage.

1. Using Outdated Hardware

Putting the right data storage tools like servers in place from the start will be of the utmost importance. But it’ll be just as important to update your hardware on a regular basis.

Most servers will last for about 4 or 5 years before you’ll need to replace them. If you put off doing this, it could result in you relying on outdated hardware that isn’t going to help with protecting business data very much.

2. Failing to Back Up Data

You shouldn’t keep all your business data in one place. You should store it on a server and create backups for all your data as well. This will protect your company in the event that you lose a bunch of data and need to get it back.

Your data storage costs will increase when you’re backing up data all the time. But it’ll be a small price to pay to avoid one of the worst business data storage errors.

3. Neglecting to Perform Cybersecurity Tests

Your business should be protecting business data with firewalls and other cybersecurity efforts. But you should also be testing your cybersecurity measures every so often to see where your network stands.

Cybersecurity tests can point out flaws in your business data security and show you where your business can make improvements.

4. Choosing Not to Get Help

Not all business owners, especially small business owners, are well-versed in all things cybersecurity. But that’s okay! You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in this field to keep your business data safe.

You will, however, need to consider calling on experts to help you put together the best possible cybersecurity plan. It’ll give you the opportunity to let someone else worry about protecting business data for you. You can focus on running the rest of your business in the meantime.

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Don’t Make Any of These Business Data Storage Errors

Do you suspect you might be making any of these business data storage errors? Or are there other concerns you have about your company’s cybersecurity?

If so, you should look into hiring data storage experts to help you right away. They’ll talk to you about any business data storage errors you may be making and work to correct them. It’ll provide you with total peace of mind as your company moves forward.

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