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5 Reasons to Enhance Your Home With Saloon Doors

by Business Highers
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There are many compelling reasons to invest in saloon doors for your home.

But what exactly is a saloon door, and why should you invest in them?

These doors are single doors that act as both interior doors and exterior doors. It acts both to improve your energy efficiency and the aesthetics of your home.

If you’ve never heard of saloon doors before, don’t worry. They aren’t as popular as other door options. But they are equally as useful.

Read on to learn the many benefits and why you should consider adding them to your home.

1. Add a Touch of Originality

They are a classic western style element that can bring a unique and eye-catching style to any home. The doors feature two hinged panels connected in the middle and hung from the top on an overhead track. The flexible design of the saloon allows for easy movement and a variety of decorative possibilities.

They feature the swinging saloon door, which can be left open during the day to bring in natural light, or closed at night to give privacy. Each material provides unique design opportunities to customize the look of your space. The saloon door approach can also be used as a way to introduce separation into an open floor plan, creating distinct areas that are both functional and eye-catching.

If you measure and order the correct size, it can offer an impressive and original style to your home. An unexpected detail, such as a pair of doors, can capture your imagination and, create the unique atmosphere you’re looking for.

2. Easy to Clean and Maintain

The smooth, nonporous surfaces of the doors need only a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent to keep them looking brand new. If the doors are direct to the sunlight, they should also be wiped down regularly with a soft, dry cloth to prevent fading. If any dirt or grime accumulates, a light scrubbing with a mild brush should do the trick.

The doors are made of durable, weatherproof material, often vinyl or aluminum, that can be easily wiped down. This can also be easily hosed off or pressure washed for a more thorough cleaning. This makes them ideal for high-traffic entranceways, such as the entryway to a large family room, as they can take a beating from kids and pets and still look glossy.

The frames can also be easily cleaned and treated with sealant to keep them looking clean and new. The easy cleaning process makes it an ideal choice for homes where style meets practicality.

3. Affordable

Prices for these doors range from cheap to luxurious, so homeowners can find something to suit their budget. Installation is straightforward thanks to pre-cut doors and a range of hardware and accessories to easily assemble them. With the right measurements, this can also be installed within any existing door frame or track.

There are also plenty of DIY tutorials online that show how to build at a fraction of the cost. These doors are also easy to install and can help bring a home’s style and décor together for an inviting, cohesive look. Homeowners can also take advantage of any special promotions or discounts that might be available online.

4. Great for Small Spaces

As the name implies, these doors are commonly used in entrances to a bar or saloon. In a small room or tight hallway, they are an efficient way to control access without blocking pathways. They give a practical solution to increase airflow and visibility in a small space while still allowing access or passage.

Not only can you save space in the doorway, but you can also get creative by using them to partition off an area of the home. For example, a small bedroom or living room can be divided with a saloon door, giving each area its own unique and personal atmosphere.

Opening a door this way clears up a path to move across the room and allows more natural light to enter, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. They also provide a quick and easy way to separate the room into two spaces without the need for a wall or other large partitions. They’re perfect for dividing entryways and kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, and any other room divider that one may need in their home.

5. Many Options

For interior spaces, this can offer a rustic and fun design that adds charm and individuality to a room, while still providing privacy. There are many different styles of saloon doors, from solid panels to multi-panel designs, which can be finished in a variety of woods and colors, allowing for a personalized look. With their stylish and practical features, they are an attractive choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces, giving homeowners many options.

You can choose different colors, materials, and designs, from classic wood to luxurious natural tones. You can even select stylish hardware to accent your doors. With a variety of heights, widths, and ways to open and close, you can create a unique look based on the style of your home.

For example, this custom arch top-louvered door can be designed with one wide and two narrow panels that open inward and outward, depending on your preference. The most important factor is to make sure the doors fit in the desired space and do not interfere with any existing furniture or appliances. With this door, you are sure to create stunning visuals and enjoy the function they give to your home.

Install Saloon Doors to Your Home Today

Adding saloon doors to your home is sure to make a stylish statement. Not only are they attractive, but they give a unique set of benefits of privacy.

If you are considering a way to enhance your home, this could be the perfect solution. Stop by your local home improvement store to check out your options today!

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