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7 Creative Ways to Decorate Around a Wood Murphy Bed

by Business Highers
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Did you know that the Murphy bed was invented in 1911? It became a popular furniture option ever since. A wood Murphy bed is a great option for saving space in your room.

It also allows you to convert your bedroom into a parlor or office during the day while the bed is hidden. The downside of Murphy beds is that they can sometimes lack any significant design. If you want to decorate around a Murphy bed, you might be wondering where you should start.

Keep reading and learn more about the best design choices for your Murphy bed below.

1. Experiment With Different Colors

A single color can make a world of difference when you’re changing the design of your room. Interior design often plays with the power of color psychology. This is the concept that certain colors may bring about certain emotions.

Consider cool colors like blue or green. These are considered calming and intellectual colors. Green is especially calming since it is associated with nature.

Then consider brighter, warmer colors like red, orange, or yellow. These colors are seen as being more energetic and passionate. Yellow is especially associated with joy and positivity since it correlates with the sun.

There are also neutral colors. These include black, white, gray, and beige. These don’t provoke any particular emotions.

They are instead best for more formal spaces and for emphasizing the spaciousness of an area. They are also favored in minimalist and modern design. Experimenting with these different shades is a great way to make Murphy beds look a lot different.

2. Consider Overhead Lighting

If you want to make your Wilding Wallbeds look more dramatic, consider overhead lighting. Overhead lighting is a great way to transform a simple space. This is because lights from this position do a great job of emphasizing whatever is under them.

Lights in other areas may not hit the bed the way you want them to. They may make the space look dull and flat. But overhead lighting is far more direct and powerful.

These lights don’t have to be very large or expensive either. They are easy to install and work very well.

3. Add Some Artwork

If you feel that the space around your Murphy bed is too empty, consider adding some artwork. You don’t have to be an art expert to add a bit of artistic flair to your room. You can add paintings, pictures, and other pieces of wall decor to the space.

The point of artwork is to fill empty gaps and act as a focal point. This ensures that the room has a proper flow and balance. You can also experiment with different types of artwork.

If you want something that will attract a lot of attention, get something bright and unusual. If you want something that fills space and blends in with the environment, choose something more serious. Adding a large piece of decor will attract more attention than many small pieces of decor.

You can also scatter this decor around the room to create a more even environment.

4. Install a Bookshelf

Installing a bookshelf is a great way to add more personality to your Murphy bed. Bookshelves are ideal because you can do many different things with them. The obvious task is to fill them with books, but this isn’t always necessary.

You can instead fill the shelves with different pieces of decor and knickknacks. You might want to put decorative vases and other pieces of decor on the shelves to liven up the environment. You can also put small picture frames, candles, and other items on the shelves.

A bookshelf is a perfect foundation from which you can add all sorts of decorations.

5. Add a Sitting Area

Is your Murphy bed the only place in the room where you can sit down? Does your room feel large and empty? It might be time to add some chairs.

Having a sitting area is a great way to counteract a Murphy bed. Even if your room isn’t very large, putting in a nice chair or two will balance out the room and make it more interesting. It will also make the room more comfortable when the bed is inside the wall.

You can experiment with different types of seating. Couches and armchairs are always good choices.

6. Choose the Right Type of Bedding

Adding the right bedding to your Murphy bed can completely transform it. Add a luxurious top cover to the bed to make it more decorative. Add a few throw pillows to make the bed more interesting and textured.

Consider some throw blankets as well. Matching the bedding with the room’s color scheme is a good idea, too. This ensures that the Murphy bed doesn’t look out of place.

7. Add a Rug

If your room looks boring, consider adding a colorful rug. This will immediately change the room’s atmosphere. A nice rug can also act as a focal point.

You can also get a rug with interesting textures. If you want the rug to be more minimalistic, consider one that has neutral shades. Even a small rug can make a big difference.

All About Decorating Around a Wood Murphy Bed

If you have a wood Murphy bed, there are many ways you can decorate around it. Consider experimenting with new colors or adding artwork to the room. A bookshelf might be a good choice since you can fill it with decorations.

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