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A Guide on the Common Security Screw Types

by Business Highers
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The good news is that you’ve taken the first step toward securing your home, business, or personal property. The bad news is that the next step, upgrading your current locks, may seem difficult.

That’s because there are so many security screws, and it can be difficult to determine which you need. 

Below, we’re going to be giving you a rundown of four common security screw types and why you should use them to beef up the security of your home, office, or other building.

Let’s get started!

Torx Security 

Torx Security screws are an important part of many security applications because they make it harder to change things or get in without permission. These screws have a unique star-shaped head with six points and a small pin in the middle.

You need a driver bit with a hole that matches the head to install or remove them. Most efforts to tamper with the screw will fail because the pin keeps standard Torx drivers from fitting into the screw.

Torx Security screws are used in industries like electronics, automotive, and aerospace to keep important parts safe and stop unauthorized people from messing with them or taking them apart.

Hex Pin Screws

Hex Pin screws are often used in security applications because they are harder to mess with and vandalize. These screws have a normal hexagonal head with a small pin in the middle. Only special hex pin driver bits can tighten or loosen them.

The pin adds an extra layer of protection, making it hard for regular hex drivers to fit into the screw head. Hex Pin screws are used in public infrastructure, machines, and public fixtures to keep important equipment from being tampered with, stolen, or changed without permission.

One-Way Screws

One-Way screws are a cheap option for many projects because they are easy to use and work well for security purposes. These screws have a notched head like most screws, but they are hard to take off once they are tightened.

If you try to turn the screw backward, the screwdriver will fall out of the slot, making it impossible to remove. One-Way screws are often used to prevent vandalism and unauthorized disassembly in public bathrooms, road signs, and other public places.

Spanner Screws

Spanner screws are known for their higher security level, making them perfect for high-security areas. The head of these screws has two holes that can only be used with a special wrench bit. The wrench bit has two pins that fit into the holes and give you the grip you need to put the screw in or take it out.

Spanner screws are hard to change because of how they are made. This keeps people from getting into sensitive equipment or places without permission. These screws are often used to keep people from messing with electronics, public infrastructure, and security setups and ensure that important parts don’t break.


Tri-Wing screws add an extra level of security because their unusual triangle heads have three points. For these screws, you need a tri-wing screwdriver with three wings that fit into the three holes on the head.

Tri-Wing screws are often used to keep people from messing with things like electronic devices, video game systems, and airplane parts. Since tri-wing drivers aren’t often found in normal toolkits, it’s hard for people who aren’t supposed to have access to or change secured devices to do so. This makes security better overall.

One-Way Security Screws

One-Way security screws are made to be lasting security solutions, so they can’t be taken out once they are in place. These screws have a unique head shape with angled edges, making them easy to tighten but hard to turn in the opposite direction.

They often keep people from messing with or taking apart public furniture, safety barriers, and entry panels without permission.

Security Torx Screws

Standard Torx screws have a star-shaped head, but security Torx screws have a star-shaped head with a pin in the middle. This adds an extra layer of protection.

To contact and turn the screw, you need a special driver bit with a hole that matches the pin. This design makes it impossible to use standard Torx drivers, which makes it harder to change and harder for unwanted people to get in.

Security Torx screws are often used to secure important parts and equipment in electronics, cars, and industrial settings.

Oval-Head One-Way Screws

Oval-Head One-Way screws have the security of one-way screws and a low-profile, unobtrusive head. These screws look like regular screws because their heads are oval-shaped, but they only go in one direction.

Once they are tightened, they are hard to take off without special tools. This makes them a good way to protect against unauthorized entry or changes. In furniture, public fixtures, and access screens, oval-head one-way screws are often used to keep things secure without drawing too much attention.

Shear Bolts

Shear bolts, also called Breakaway bolts, are a unique business security option for installations that need to be hard to mess with. When tightened to a certain force, these bolts are made to break or shear off, leaving only a smooth surface on the head that is hard to grab or take off with regular tools.

Because of this, Shear Bolts are perfect for securing signs, barriers, and access panels where vandalism and illegal removal are a concern. The shear-off mechanism makes sure that the placement is permanent and safe. This keeps people from messing with it or getting in without permission. 

You can also consider getting your screw needs from Bryce Security Fastener. You can find high-quality screws suitable for securing critical equipment from tampering, theft, and unauthorized adjustments.

Learning the Different Security Screw Types

Overall, security screws are great for protecting assets from tampering, vandalism, and theft. From standard hex head screws and Torx-head screws, the common security screw types can meet the needs of many different projects.

Try out one of the many security screws today to protect your valuable products and items!

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