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Business 101: What Makes an Effective Digital Storefront?

by Business Highers
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About 80% of Americans regularly shop online. Every eCommerce business faces a lot of competition, but they also have a wide target audience.

Designing a digital storefront that’s appealing to consumers is critical to success. Read on to learn how you can create a bang-up website layout that will convert to sales ASAP!

High-Quality Pictures

The human mind processes images 60,000 faster than text. Because of this, it’s important that your website layout relies on pictures to make most points.

Product photos are one of the most important aspects of a digital storefront. People want to see what they’re buying so they can feel confident in their decisions.

Make sure that you have professionally taken high-resolution photos of your product offerings. Post multiple angles and allow people to zoom in. This will make them more likely to shop with you since they’ll know exactly what they’re getting.

Bold Text

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have any text on your website. A product description with all information about what people are buying is necessary.

Make a bulleted list for easy reading. Let people know the materials used, available item colors, the year it was made, who designed it, and what it does. Also include shipping policies and return information on the page in a clear and obvious location.

Headers should be in bold, clear fonts that contrast well with a minimalistic background.

Clear Calls to Action

Calls to action are often associated with landing pages, but they’re also necessary for storefronts. “Add to cart” is a CTA, as is “buy now.” You’ll want to make bold, easily-visible buttons on your website prompting people to make purchases.

Many people choose to make brightly colored buttons that stand out against a black or (preferably) white background. These buttons can be blue, red, pink, or orange depending on your target audience. Keep the CTA on the button the same color as your background so people can easily read it.

A local web design agency can help you make effective CTAs that stand out. You don’t need to flounder on your own!

Easy Payment

People prefer to pay for online products in different ways. That’s why you should offer a wide range of payment methods. Checking accounts, credit cards, and cryptocurrency wallets are all options that you should consider.

Make sure that selecting a payment method and going through the process is fast and easy. A guest checkout option is essential since not everyone will want to make an account, though you can offer additional deals for those who sign up.

You also don’t want to make people jump through too many authentication hoops. Security is important, but people will get fed up and leave if checkout is too complicated.

Design a Digital Storefront the Right Way

Now that you know how to design a top-notch digital storefront, it’s time to start boosting online sales. Check out the “business” tab on our home page to learn more about selling products online. You also may be interested in our “tech” tab for intel on constructing an eCommerce site that converts.

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