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Does Losing Weight Help Sciatica?

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does losing weight help sciatica

Have you been diagnosed with sciatica, and the doctor says it’s likely due to a herniated disc? Are you wondering if losing weight could be a good remedy?

You are not the only one with this question. Learning everything you can about back pain, getting educated, and knowing more about your body will help you get the right treatment.

So now, let’s go back to your question, does losing weight help sciatica?

Read on to get answers!

If It Reduces Pressure on the Spine

Losing weight can play a role in reducing the symptoms of sciatica. If there is an increase in weight, there will be an increase in pressure on the spine which can cause sciatica flare-ups. By losing weight, a person can reduce the pressure on the spine, which can, in turn, cause a reduction in pain.

It is however important to note that not all cases of sciatica are caused by being overweight or obese, so people should research the causes of their sciatica before trying to lose weight. Exercise that is specific to the condition can help reduce the sciatica symptoms and is a safer and healthier option than just relying on weight loss alone to reduce the symptoms of sciatica.

If It Decreases Inflammation

Adipose, or fat, tissue is now known to produce powerful inflammation-causing chemicals, so losing weight may help reduce systemic and low back inflammation. The benefit of weight loss is further compounded by the various energy-usage changes that result in increased physical activity.

Any weight loss that reduces pressure on the hip and spine can help alleviate symptoms associated with sciatica, such as excessive inflammation. Additionally, gradually increasing flexibility and overall mobility can help reduce inflammation as well.

If It Improves Nerve Function

Losing weight and improving nerve function are closely related when it comes to sciatica. Excess weight places strain on the sciatic nerve, leading to compression and inflammation and exacerbating symptoms of sciatica. People who are overweight and reduce body fat may improve their nerve root function. This reduces their sciatica symptoms.

It is recommended to implement an exercise plan involving aerobic activities as well as strength training. All of which help reduce excess fat and improve the health of the sciatic nerve. All exercises should be undertaken with caution and cleared by a doctor first.

If It Enhances Physical Activity

Through weight loss, pressure is lessened, freeing up the sciatic nerve to have more freedom. With less body weight to carry, physical activity will become easier and more enjoyable. Without the extra weight, there will be less pressure and strain placed on the sciatic nerve. This of which should help improve mobility.

To achieve this, you can find the best online weight loss programs to create healthy eating habits and exercise. There are a variety of resources available online, such as:

  • nutritionists
  • gym classes
  • yoga routines

The best online weight loss programs will tailor your diet specifically to lower your body weight to promote healthier discs and lessen nerve pressure during physical activities. You may also want to speak to a qualified healthcare provider about any underlying health issues that might be contributing to your sciatic pain or discomfort.

So, Does Losing Weight Help Sciatica?

Are you still asking, “does losing weight help sciatica”? Losing weight can undeniably help those suffering from Sciatica. Not only will it reduce irritation of the sciatic nerve caused by extra weight on the hips and back, but it can also produce longer-lasting pain relief.

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