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How Bad Is It to Drive on a Flat Tire?

by Business Highers

Have you ever had a flat tire and wondered if it’s bad to drive on one?

We’ve all been there. It’s not a great feeling driving down the highway on a flat tire. Realizing that it might be dangerous and not knowing the answer to a simple question – “How bad is it to drive on a flat tire?”

Below, we’ll walk you through all the potential hazards of driving on a flat tire. With this, we can help you make an informed decision about whether it’s safe to drive with a flat tire. Keep reading, and let’s get started!

How Bad Is It to Drive on a Flat Tire

Driving on a flat tire can be more dangerous than you might think. When a tire loses air pressure and goes flat, it loses its ability to properly support the weight of your vehicle.

This can lead to several potential hazards. Below are among the top hazards that you’ll face when driving with a flat tire.

Poor Handling

A flat tire affects the way your vehicle handles. This makes it more difficult to control.

Steering becomes less responsive, and you may experience a wobbly sensation while driving. This can increase the risk of losing control, especially in emergencies.

Increased Stopping Distance

A flat tire affects your vehicle’s braking performance. It takes longer to bring your car to a stop.

This is because the flat tire creates more friction and decreases overall traction. This can be particularly dangerous in situations where you need to stop suddenly.

Tire Damage

Driving on a flat tire can cause further damage to the tire itself. The sidewalls can become weakened or even rupture, rendering the tire irreparable.

In such cases, you may end up needing a replacement tire. This will usually be more expensive than a simple repair.

What to Do When You Have a Flat Tire

Instead of taking the risk and driving on a flat tire, there are some things you should do. Below are some steps to follow when you find yourself in this situation.

Find a Safe Spot

If you can, pull over to a safe location away from traffic. This will reduce the chances of getting involved in an accident. It will also allow you to assess the damage more effectively.

Call for Assistance

Contact a roadside assistance service or a professional tire repair shop to come to your aid. They can provide the necessary expertise and equipment to fix or replace the flat tire.

You can even consider the reliable tire service Greenville NC that you can easily get in touch with. 

Use Spare Tire

If your vehicle has a spare tire, carefully follow the instructions in your car’s manual to install it. Keep in mind that spare tires are not meant for extended use. So drive cautiously and get your flat tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Don’t Risk Driving With a Flat Tire Starting Now

So how bad is it to drive on a flat tire? Driving with a flat tire is not only dangerous for the driver. It can also put other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Driving with a flat tire can create unpredictable driving conditions and put extra strain on your vehicle. So don’t risk it. Call for roadside assistance, or have a professional take a look at your tire and help you to get back on the road safely.

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