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How Photography Became My Passion

by Business Highers

The old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When a burst of sunlight filters through a canopy of leaves, the sight is beautiful, but a photograph can immortalize that fleeting moment. A single photo can convey a story that resonates with people across borders and generations.

Photography has the power to capture these raw moments and emotions. Over the years, this art form has evolved from black and white prints to digital images and from slide films to polaroid prints. And this transformation is the story of how photography became my passion.

Discovering Photography:

I still remember the first time I picked up a camera. It was an old film camera, bulky and intricate, yet the possibilities it held within it were captivating. The camera had a special attachment – a box of old slide films from my father’s collection. I was intrigued, and my fascination for capturing light and time in a frame began to grow.

At the very heart of photography lies the concept of preserving a moment. The idea that you could freeze a moment, hold it in your hand and revisit it whenever you wanted was nothing short of magical. Each slide film was a story. It held the essence of a bygone era, and by looking at it, one could relive those moments.

Capturing Moments and Memories:

As I dived deeper into the world of photography, I realized it was not just about capturing moments; it was about preserving memories. From birthdays and anniversaries to simple everyday moments, each photograph tells a unique story.

Slowly, I started experimenting with Polaroid prints. The immediacy of polaroid photography added another dimension to this art. The sound of the camera shutter, the anticipation as the image developed in your hand, and the joy of holding a tangible memory, only added to the allure. These Polaroid prints were not just photos, they were snippets of life that one could touch and feel.

Connecting with Others through Photography:

Another aspect of photography that became clear to me over time was its potential to connect people. The language of photographs transcends boundaries and cultural differences. A photo could connect viewers to a moment or a person they have never encountered.

Sharing my photos and seeing others’ works exposed me to diverse perspectives. The Polaroid prints I shared were not merely artistic expressions; they were a means to share a part of my life, viewpoint, and emotions with others.

Photography as a Personal Expression:

Photography became my voice, my medium of personal expression. Each photo, whether shot on slide films or as polaroid prints, reflected a part of me. It was a mirror of my emotions, perspectives, and interpretations of the world around me.

Creating a photograph – from envisioning a scene, setting the frame, clicking the shutter, to finally developing the print – taught me patience and attention to detail. It made me more observant and appreciative of the beauty around me, often hidden in plain sight.


Photography became my passion not merely because it was an exciting hobby or a creative outlet, but because it was a journey into understanding life and connecting with others. It was about capturing the beauty of fleeting moments, cherishing memories through Polaroid prints, reliving the past with slide films, and sharing a part of myself with the world.

Photography has indeed shown me that we all view the world through our unique lenses. And when we share these visions, we learn more about each other and ourselves. And so, through pursuing photography, I’ve found more than just a hobby – a passion that continues to inspire, connect, and illuminate.

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