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How Social Media is tearing Apart the Lives of Teenagers

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As technology advances, the use of social media has increased. Social media has its advantages and disadvantages in teen life. Teens like to spend most of their time on social media, which can harm kids’ mental health.

Excessive use of social media can negatively impact teen’s life. It can affect the teen’s mental health because social media and depression are connected. In addition, teens that use social media for too much time have many chances to face online cyberbullying and harassment that can take them into severe problems. Excessive use of social media also affects teens’ physical health because teens who use social media a lot spend less time doing healthy activities, which can make them lazy and less productive.

Many parents think they know what their kids are doing online, but the Pew Research survey found that 70 percent of kids hide their online activities from their parents.

How Social Media Effect Teens Mental Health

How do social media affect the mental health of teens? A lot of people are curious to know. On social media, teens get connected with many strangers, and the strangers’ intentions can be wrong. No one knows. Parents need to monitor their teens’ activity to save kids from online issues.

According to the study, limiting kids’ screen time on social media can save them from the negative effect that can harm them.

Social media is a great tool, but at the same time, we cannot ignore its danger that usually affects kids because of their immature behavior, and they are more likely curious about knowing new things. It can become a serious issue if parents do not recognize the danger of social media to their kids at the right time. Social media can deeply harm a kid’s immature mindset because the kid can access inappropriate content that can surely harm your kid.


Your kid can face anxiety by seeing other people’s lifestyles. Usually, on social media, people portray their life as perfect and share only the good side. Your kid can think that there is something wrong with him, which is why he does not have the ideal lifestyle other people have on social media. That is how social media affect kids’ mental health. And many experts believe that kids should use social media for only half an hour a day.

Poor concentration

Social media use makes children lazy and loses interest in their outdoor activities. Social media also affects the ability to read and learn because excessive use of social media can distract kids from doing such activities, and they lose interest. When kids mind all their time indulging in social media, it will not let your kid do any other activities.

The danger of social media

What kids are doing on social media and who they are talking with can be challenging for parents. But parents should always beware of their kid’s social media activities. Many online dangers can kid faced. For example:

  • Online predators
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sharing a lot of information
  • Fake links
  • Dangerous trends 

Teens are immature, and they do not know how to handle such situations, and it is difficult for them to differentiate between good and bad activities. They can connect with strangers whose intentions are not good for their kids. To protect their kids from such activities, parents should always keep a record of their actions with the help of Cloning Android Phone.

What can parents do to protect their kids from online issues?

Parents need to give their kids a friendly environment where their kids can share every problem with them. They need to give time to their teens to listen to and solve their problems. They should create an open environment where their kid can share every adventure they see or experience on social media. Furthermore, parents can utilize parental control apps that can also make their teens save from any online danger.

Phone Spy App is a popular parenting control app that can help parents notify about every activity their teens do on their devices. So by using these monitoring apps, they can know about every danger they can face and protect themselves at the right time. Parenting control can help a lot in securing your kids. When your kid becomes silent and does not share anything with you, the parenting control app can take you one step ahead and let you know about their social media activity without access to their mobile phones.


So, what’s the verdict? The impact of social media on teenagers’ mental health is still being studied, but it’s clear that more research is needed. We know that social media can have positive and negative effects on teenagers, depending on how they use it.

Parents can play a role in helping their children to use social media positively, and there are Parental control apps that can help them to do this. Parents need to keep track of the dangers of social media, but it’s also important to remember the positive aspects of it too.

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