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How to Sanitize Your Home When You Have Kids

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Do you have little ones running around your home? Although it can be a lot of fun, teaching your children about germs isn’t as fun.

You can take steps to practice proper cleanliness and keep your kids healthy. Check out the following cleaning tips on how to sanitize your home for youngsters.

Use Cleaning Products Safely and Effectively

Start by reading the labels and following the directions, as there are specific products for different surfaces and surfaces where a particular product should not be used. It is essential to ventilate the space by opening windows and turning on fans using chemical-based cleaners to avoid inhaling potentially harmful fumes.

When using a product containing bleach, always dilute it in cool water, and never mix it with other products. It is essential to wear gloves and long-sleeved clothes when handling chemical products. Keeping kids out of the room while using any cleaning product is also necessary.

Deep Clean Regularly

Deep cleaning of your home regularly is essential when you have kids. It’s important to wipe down all surfaces, vacuum carpets and rugs, mop floors, clean walls, and dust furniture to pick up any dust and germs that could lead to illness.

After scrubbing surfaces, you can use disinfectant to sanitize the area. Occasionally, hire professional house cleaners to sanitize carpets, furniture, and upholstery. Be sure to wash bedding, curtains, clothing, and cloth-based toys in hot water at least once a week or more.

Make sure that toilets, sinks, tubs, and other non-porous surfaces are easily accessible for deep cleaning regularly.

Make Handwashing Routine for Kids

Start by having one sink designated for handwashing. Place a step stool so kids can easily reach the sink, and store a few washcloths for easy cleaning.

Supply a parent-approved, mild soap and warm water for clean hands. Depending on your child’s age, consider teaching them how to wash their hands and make it fun appropriately. Sing songs like “Happy Birthday” two times while they are lathering and rinsing.

Teach Kids Good Daily Habits for a Healthy Home

When teaching kids good daily habits for a healthy home, one of the most important lessons is proper sanitization. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

You can keep wet wipes or an alcohol-based cleaner handy for toy sanitation. You can also use those as surface wipes on areas with frequent contact, such as doorknobs, faucet handles, and countertops.

Learn How to Sanitize Your Home Today

Cleaning daily is the only way to keep germs at bay and help keep your family healthy.

Make sure to involve your children in the process so they know how to protect themselves and others adequately. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. Now that you know how to sanitize your home, start today!

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