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The Best Paint for Exterior Brick: A Guide for Homeowners

by Business Highers
best paint for exterior brick

Exterior brick is a durable surface for a big investment: your house. The good news is that painted brick looks sharp and has years of protection compared with unpainted brick. The question is what paint to use.

Brick is a porous material that could absorb the paint and make it peel or flake off. The best exterior paint for brick is one that has a chemical composition to protect the brick and an application process that allows a sturdy bond.

Let’s dive into what to look for in painted brick and the best paint for exterior brick. Read along to learn more!

High-Quality Acrylic Latex 

It is highly durable, easy to apply and clean up, and comes with an impressive range of vibrant colors from which to choose. It is also highly effective against all climatic conditions, which helps to ensure your brickwork remains intact even in the harshest weather. The practical benefits of this type of paint mean that it will be more long-lasting and resistant to cracking and peeling than normal latex paint.

The paint is also highly breathable, allowing moisture to escape, which helps prevent mold and mildew build-up. Finally, it is a low odor, preventing any nasty odors from lingering in the exterior of your home. All in all, it is an excellent choice for exterior brickwork due to its many advantages.

Concrete Stain 

It is a type of paint that is specifically designed to adhere to the surface of concrete and brick. It is a heavy-duty paint that will help protect the exterior of a beautiful house from dirt, moisture, and other damage. It will provide a high-quality finish that is resistant to wear and tear.

It is also easy to clean and available in many different colors so that you can customize the color of the exterior of a house. Concrete stain is a great solution for an exterior surface because it is highly durable and provides a beautiful finish while being easy to maintain.


It is a rubber-like coating that helps to resist water and wind, as well as temperature changes. It is also highly flexible, allowing for the brick to expand and contract as temperatures and humidity levels change. Because of this, elastomeric paint will stay intact longer and require fewer touch-ups or repairs.

In addition, it can resist tears and abrasion, providing an overall better coating that will last for many years. It is also highly breathable and helps to reduce water damage to brick and mortar. These qualities make it an ideal choice when considering paint for exterior brick, as it will help to protect the surface and provide a long-lasting finish that can boost curb appeal.


It is a type of synthetic rubber or polymer. It’s both waterproof and breathable, making it an ideal material to use for paint on exterior brick. This paint is resistant to cracking, peeling, fading, and erosion, and it’s UV-resistant, so it won’t degrade in direct sunlight.

Additionally, they are generally more environmentally friendly than traditional paint because they do not release volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Since this paint adheres to most surfaces, it can be used on various brick types. It is also typically easy to apply and clean, making it a great choice for exterior brick.


It can adhere to the surface of the brick and provides an even coat of paint so that your paint will look better and last longer. Primer will also create a protective barrier between the paint and the brick so that the paint won’t be absorbed and damage the brick.

The primer also helps the paint to stick better to the brick, so it won’t chip or flake easily. Primer is a great choice for painting exterior brick because it increases the longevity and durability of the paint job, and it helps to create a uniform color and even coverage of the paint.

Dry Lock Paint 

It acts like a liquid “cement”, filling the porous pores of the brick with an adhesive sealer to repel moisture and resist mildew. This coating is easy to apply, even for DIY-ers, and is available in several colors, giving you the freedom to reinvent the space without having to commit to repainting.

Not only that, but DryLok is weather resistant, standing up to both the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. Plus, its superior bond adhesion ensures that it will last season after season. DryLok’s tough protection creates an impenetrable layer that allows you to keep your brickwork looking as good as new.

Airless Spray Paint

Airless Spray Paint is a paint that uses high-pressure technology, which sprays out a fine mist of paint, making it an optimal choice for completing many exterior brick projects. When you use Airless Spray Paint, the paint penetrates deeper into the brick surface and can cover more area in less time. Not only is it more efficient, but also it is less messy as it reduces overspray and requires minimal cleanup.

The paint also dries faster, providing a durable and long-lasting finish. It is a more eco-friendly option than traditional paints, and the finish has higher durability. Airless Spray Paint is a great way to quickly, cleanly, and efficiently give exterior bricks a beautiful, long-lasting paint job.

Masonry Sealer 

It is specifically designed to protect masonry surfaces from water, moisture, UV rays, and dirt. Masonry sealer can be applied to a variety of masonry surfaces, including brick, stucco, concrete, and stone. This special sealer forms a protective barrier around the surface, protecting it from the elements and making it easier to clean.

It also prevents further water damage and fading due to sun exposure. Masonry sealer is also highly durable and can last up to 10 years when applied correctly. If you want this brick paint, you can go to this page and let them help you.

Use the Best Paint for Exterior Brick

Choose the paint color that best complements the other elements of your house, do research on the brands of exterior paint available, and consider renting or buying the necessary tools. After completing these simple steps, you are now ready to paint your brick! Get to work with the best paint for exterior brick and give your house a beautiful new look!

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