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The Latest Trends for Commercial Bathroom Design

by Business Highers
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A commercial building’s design can make or break the building’s functionality and appeal. If the design isn’t up to date with the latest trends, it can leave that building in the dust. The commercial bathroom is no exception.

You want your bathroom design to be eye-catching and functional. You also want it to be up to date with the latest commercial trends. Those trends are often driven by what’s trendy in residential homes.

Not familiar with the new and beautiful trends in commercial bathroom design? Not to worry! This article is here to enlighten you!

Read on to learn the new trends in design and how they’re influencing the commercial bathroom.


Touchless faucets, flush valves, and soap dispensers are becoming the latest trend in business restroom design due to their growing demand in the market.

Touchless faucets reduce the need for cross-contamination and are gaining traction due to their convenience, hygiene, and efficiency. They use either motion or infrared sensors to detect movement, and they can be readily integrated into any commercial restroom.

Flush valves are also gaining interest due to their hands-free operation and low-water usage. They utilize only the water needed according to the type of waste and feature adjustable water levels and automatic flushes. 


The latest trends for commercial bathroom design privacy are focused on giving the user a greater sense of security and comfort. This includes features such as the following:

  • personal storage cubbies
  • heightened stall and wall dividers
  • increased spacing between cubicles
  • private washroom areas

Each of these elements is designed to give the user the feeling of being safe and comfortable while using the facilities. Privacy is paramount and modern interactive digital locking systems offer a unique combination of safety and convenience while providing a greater sense of security. 

Concrete Sinks

The use of concrete sinks is a current trend for commercial bathroom design. Concrete is a great material to use for sinks because it is durable and has a modern clean look that matches many styles.

Constructed out of wet concrete, the sinks are then sealed to make them waterproof. A variety of concrete sinks are available, from vessel-style sinks to under-mounted, drop-in, and even wall-mounted sinks. Concrete sinks are available in a wide range of colors, from light to dark, as well as customizable shapes and sizes. 

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting element that is seen in many commercial bathroom designs. It has a natural, contemporary look that can instantly update the look and feel of the bathroom.

The latest trends for commercial bathroom design using natural stone include minimalist spaces with monochromatic colors and ornate designs that feature intricate patterns and textures. Natural stone can be used on the floors and walls to create a stunning effect. 

Sanitary Bin Service

Companies have also adopted discrete color choices for sanitary bins and related consumables, helping to keep sanitary waste products out of sight and out of mind.

With the continued development of smart technology, services have shifted to integrate with digital user interfaces, providing businesses with accurate occupancy data and greater sanitation control. Hire a sanitary bin service to get started.

Explore These Commercial Bathroom Design Ideas

The latest trends for commercial bathroom design are reflective of our ever-changing style preferences. From modern fixtures to distinct lighting, there are countless elements that can be incorporated to create a contemporary space.

If you’re considering a commercial bathroom renovation, be sure to consult a team of professionals to ensure a successful outcome.

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