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The Main Types of Hardwood Flooring for Your House

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When it comes to floors, you have several options for decorating your home: hardwood, tile, carpet, linoleum, and more. Each of these options comes in a plethora of different styles and types. For example, carpet comes in wool, synthetic, and other materials.

Of these options, hardwood is the most popular by far. But which type of hardwood is best for your house? There are many different types of hardwood flooring. Some are more expensive and intricately designed than others.

Keep reading to learn more about the main hardwood flooring options and how to choose between them.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is one of the main types of flooring materials for your house. It is one of the most sought-after flooring types due to its natural beauty and timeless look. It comes in planks or strips that are usually 3/4″ thick and range in width from 3″ wide to 8″ wide.

It is available in many different species, such as classics like oak, maple, and hickory. Also, some exotic choices like tigerwood and Brazilian cherry. It is very durable and timeless. It also has a rich, warm feeling, unlike other types of floors.

You can check professional hardwood floor waxing services for maintaining your residential floors. It can last for a very long time if properly cared for.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is another type of hardwood flooring. It is composed of different materials like the core of hardwood, plywood, or HDF.

It also has a top layer of hardwood veneer. The veneer is glued and pressed to a plywood type of core.

It is created when multiple layers of wood are fused, forming a more uniform and stable material than solid hardwood. It is available in a wide array of wood types, colors, and finishes. It is a great choice for those with changing climates or humidity levels.

Laminate Hardwood

Laminate hardwood flooring is a budget-friendly alternative to solid and engineered hardwood flooring. It is composed of several layers of thin wood pressed together, and while it can’t be refinished, it lasts a very long time when properly maintained.

It is available in a variety of colors and styles. It consists of layers of melamine resin, a photo of wood grain, and a wear layer that helps protect the flooring from everyday wear and tear. It makes it an ideal option for entryway areas, living rooms, and bedrooms.

It is also resistant to scratches, dents, and other damage. It is great for those looking for a more affordable hardwood flooring option.

Unfinished or Prefinished Hardwood

Unfinished hardwood is unfinished and must be sanded, stained, and sealed in your home. This process requires more time, work, and money but allows for a great level of customization.

Prefinished hardwood comes ready to install and usually comes with a factory-applied finish. This is a more convenient option as it can be installed much faster, for a lot less money, and also comes with a wide range of color choices.

Choosing the Best Types of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a great choice for any home. With its durability, warmth, and natural charm, hardwood adds an elegant touch to any living space. Each type offers its unique benefits, so decide which type is right for your home based on budget, desired look, and lifestyle. Now that you know the main types of hardwood flooring, why not start shopping for the perfect one for your house?

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