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What Are the Different Stages of Spiritual Growth?

by Business Highers
stages of spiritual growth

Exploring spiritual growth is critical to avoid stagnation and learning who you are on a deeper level. The spiritual journey is challenging and eye-opening, but you can join almost 90 percent of people in the United States with spiritual beliefs. Forging a path toward spiritual development will take you from the world’s status quo, and you’ll discover a deeper meaning in life.

The key to undertaking a spiritual journey is understanding the roadmap you’re taking toward your desired level of growth. Knowing where you’re in the journey requires diving into the stages of spiritual growth for a brighter future.

Fortunately, for your growth journey, you’ve uncovered this beneficial guide to spiritual forces and the stages of your growth journey. Continue reading to explore all stages of spiritual guidance today!


The first stage you’ll reach during your spiritual development is the Innocence stage. Humans are born into a materialistic world, and that world is in tune with your lower chakras. Most humans enter the world in a state of love and bliss, and it’s typical to stay there when welcomed by a loving and happy family.

The spirituality in your mind and body is still strongly connected with the Divine and Absolute. That connection means that your body and mind are much more awake than during other stages of spiritual growth. The feeling of innocence withers away as you’re taught what you must do to fit in with society.

Many people find themselves distracted by the world they live in, which stunts the spiritual journey. Few people have the strength and determination to overcome distractions and maintain spiritual guidance.

Fear and Ego

The next stage you’ll encounter is the Fear and Ego stage. The Ego grows and develops as you move through life, and an in-depth look at your life shows that you’re at the mercy of those around you. The love and bliss you knew growing up have disappeared as you come to terms with the fear your Ego causes.

Your spiritual journey will show you that you don’t need to please the people above you to get what you want and deserve. Most people make the mistake of investing in the happiness of others out of fear, which is unhealthy for your development.

During the Fear and Ego stage, you start forming your personality. This stage allows you to become yourself and develop the story of your early life.


Power often comes as a byproduct of your fear when your Ego starts emerging. You’re driven to find success in life to push your worry away. During the Power stage, you’ll dive into your education and learn new skills to provide a better future for yourself and your family.

A sense of control also comes with welcoming power into your life. It’s one of the dangerous stages of spiritual growth since many people start accumulating material possession to feel more secure. You must continue your spiritual journey with Trusted Psychics to overcome this challenge and move to the next developmental stage.


The Giving stage is when change starts surfacing in more obvious ways. Many who reach this stage on their spiritual journey discover that there’s far more to life than power and accumulating assets. You’ll start asking yourself what you can do to help others meaningfully and positively.

It’s also the time to look at the world around you and ask yourself what you can do to make a difference. You’ll start to feel greater comfort with providing to others rather than solely receiving things yourself.

Watch your Ego as you move into the giving stage of spiritual growth. Some instances of giving come from the Ego rather than pure goodness. You should avoid giving if you’re doing so for recognition or personal gain during your spiritual journey.


Seeking is the fifth stage you’ll face when exploring your spiritual growth. You’ll start practicing spirituality consistently, and you’ll feel the draw of enlightenment pulling you toward the spiritual forces in the world. Those seeking enlightenment start noticing their decisions coming from the heart chakra during this stage of spiritual development.

The crucial aspect of seeking is looking for the deeper meaning in life. It’s your chance to dive into the reasons behind your existence and how you can make life more meaningful on Earth. When seeking spiritual guidance and understanding, studying with teachers and gurus is an excellent choice.

Add books and guides to the mix to take the next step for spiritual growth. You’ll maintain your longing to remain on the path toward enlightenment.

The Sage

The Sage stage is another critical step toward your end goal of enlightenment. When you reach the Sage stage of spiritual development, your mind becomes fully awake and conscious. It’s the moment when you gain awareness of the roles you play in life.

Many people lose the fear of death when they reach this stage of the spiritual journey. It’s the point when you discover that life is another role you must play. It’s another step closer to the final stages of spiritual growth.


The final stage of spiritual growth is Spirit, and at this point in your journey, you feel and discover a Oneness with the universe. The sense of self disappears, and you find that you’re no longer part of the world you live in.

All your chakras are open at this stage in your journey. You can let your spiritual energy flow freely and get the most from life.

Explore the Stages of Spiritual Growth

Exploring the stages of spiritual growth is critical to reaching a higher level of thinking and giving back to the world. The process starts with Innocence and is altered when Ego begins emerging. Giving back and seeking enlightenment is an essential part of the spiritual journey, and you’ll achieve Oneness if you stay the course.

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