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What is Gimkit?

by Business Highers

Gimkit is a learning platform made for kids. This is used by many students and teachers to make studies easier. It has games in it which are used by the students to learn. These games are so interesting that students pay attention to them while playing. There are many benefits of Gimkit application which have been noted below.

Benefits of Gimkit

There are many benefits of the Gimkit game. It helps students to learn more easily. This is mainly made for the students who are not interested in studies or get bored. Or the students who like online games and want to play with their friends. These students also come here to play as a means of studying. 

Questions Types and Add Questions

There are two types of questions in the Gimkit. The First one is the text input and the second one is multiple choice. The students have to type the answer in text input and choose correct the option in MCQ. 

The user can also add the questions on their own. To add questions first you have to select the question type Text input or MCQ. After this, you can add a question and a possible correct answer to the question in text input. But in the multiple choice, the person has to put a correct option which the student has to pick.

Games Types

There are many games in the Futemax that can be played by the students. The most famous games in the Gimkit are noted below.


This game is taken from the movie of MARVELS THE INFINITY WAR. In which Thanos collects all the infinity stones and defeats half of the galaxy. In this game, it is same like that the students have to find the infinity stones once all the infinity stones are collected by any player he has the ability to snap away half of the class. The student who remains at the end wins the game.

Among us 

This is a famous game which has been played by almost every student. It was made by the idea of a game named AMONG US. In this, some players are chosen as an imposter who kills other players. Simply there is competition between them the original player has to be careful of the imposter and the imposter has to kill the player. The same is here the students have to answer the questions and vote the imposter off the ship.

Snowy Survival

This is the mode that is most played. In this game, one player at the start is selected as a snow shooter. As the snow hits the player they get out of the game. But they are not fully out they are also made snow shooter who shoots the live players in the ground. The player who remains alive till the end of the game wins. 

Other Amazing Features 

This is an application which is used by the students to learn. Pixwox is also used by the students to prepare their texts for school. The teachers can also have tests online. These tests are based on the teacher’s choice. The students can view their results of the test later.

The teachers can also give homework to the students which can be done at home. The teacher can know easily that on which time the student has done it and on which date. There are more features in the Gimkit game. To know more you must join this application.

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