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What’s the Best File Type for an Online Document?

by Business Highers
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Have you ever wondered what kind of file types you should be using for your business documents? Online documents are becoming more and more common, but the question remains: what kind of file types are best to use?

Did you know that document preparation and creation take up 50% of knowledge workers’ time? With so many file types out there, each with different benefits and disadvantages, knowing what the best file type is to use can seem complicated.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the best file types to use for business documents. Whether you are creating an online document for business or pleasure, keep reading to learn more.


The ePub file type stands for electronic publication and is an open-source format that is readable by many types of e-book readers. It is perfect for creating digital books, magazines, and other resources that can be viewed online. It provides a text layer that can be edited and can be read on any device with an appropriate e-reader program installed.

A lot of content can be published in an ePub with visuals and even support for audio and video. ePub files can be more accessible than other formats, taking up less space and descending data usage on the web.

Microsoft Word DOCX

The Microsoft Word DOCX file type is very popular with Microsoft Word as it is the perfect combination of portability and features. The DOCX format can be accessed across multiple devices as it is lightweight and can maintain compatibility with other applications. It also supports built-in features like password protection, image and text file formatting, and footer/header customization.

It can also be shared and edited with others via email, cloud storage, and even social media platforms without the need for a specific online editor. Tools like digital signatures can be attached to Microsoft Word documents, too, adding extra security and convenience.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a client-side scripting language that allows web pages to be shared between users. It is very simple and easy to work with, making it ideal for web developers. It is also readable by web search engines, which allows the page to be indexed in search engine results.

It is also cross-platform compatible, meaning it can be used on any device or operating system. HTML documents are opened in a standardized file format. It can be used regardless of the operating system or client-side software the user is running.


PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a file type that is used in web documents. It is popular because it can be opened by almost all computers, regardless of the operating system or software being used.

PDFs allow the user to choose how the text should appear on the page, including fonts, colors, and sizes. When it comes to reading PDF files, c# could help as it is a widely used programming language. You can be sure that C# read pdf easily.

Choose the Right File Type for Your Online Document

The best file type for an online document will depend on the purpose of the document and the context of use. PDFs are best for presentations and convertible documents, while DOCX is better for editing and inserting content. Words of caution, though: always maintain secure back-ups and check file types for potential security risks.

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