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Why a Well-Designed Landing Page Is Important

by Business Highers
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If you own a website, you probably hear many people suggest investing in a good landing page. But have you ever wondered why they say so?

One of the strategies most brands use to onboard new customers is directing them to a page with what they’re looking for. It contains links, buttons, and other elements to encourage a prospect to check out the brand.

It’s best to ensure it has a good design and layout. Keep reading to learn more!

Benefits of a Good Landing Page

A well-made landing page brings several benefits to your brand. Those advantages make it an excellent business strategy if you want to reach out to wider audiences or share new products and services.

The following are some of the benefits it covers:

Bridges Brands and Ads

Landing pages introduce prospects to a brand by presenting them through ads. The ad alone is where they start, while the landing page guides them as the user gets the gist of what the brand is. It’s only after that they head over to the brand’s page.

Segments of the Target Audience

When a brand wants to reach a certain target audience, it can use landing pages to attract them. You can create each landing page to match the audience’s preference without changing the content on your main site.

Advertises the Brand

Landing pages act like another means of getting your brand out there. Search engines usually only allow you to introduce your brand within 140 characters or so. With a landing page, you can make it brief for search results and expand on that on the page without going into too much detail.

Generates Leads

As a marketing strategy, landing pages can help businesses generate leads with a higher conversion rate. The more compelling the website looks, the more interested and motivated a prospect feels. When you put that together with the right structure and proper content, it strengthens the overall effects.

Builds Credibility

A landing page is one way to show prospects what you can offer without touching too much on the details. The goal is to catch their interest first, so you want them to trust your brand first. Establishing credibility through your landing page makes prospects feel more at ease with using your services.

Increases Search Traffic

Most marketing business tips suggest using SEO to optimize your content and reach more people. You can also apply those strategies to your landing page. If it’s search-friendly, it drives more organic traffic to your page.

How to Improve Your Landing Page

Improving your landing page affects how your brand reaches your target market and how those prospects respond to those efforts. So, it’s essential to understand which methods work the best in maintaining customer motivation. You can try applying the following tips when you develop your landing page:

Keep Main Info Above the Fold

Your landing page has three crucial components: the headlines, the message, and the call to action. All of those should appear on your page even if your prospect doesn’t scroll down.

Some users will likely only scan through the page to see what it’s about. So, it’s best to put those three necessary parts within the first screen users see. You can also look for affordable web design services to help you with your landing page.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Every landing page has a specific goal, whether you’re offering free trials or promoting a registration. But even if your brand has lots to offer, stick to only one CTA and clarify that it’s your goal.

Too many call-to-actions and links could distract your prospect from getting where you want them to be. As much as possible, only keep one CTA button or link that redirects them to your goal.

Highlight the CTA

As your prospect scrolls through your landing page, they might lose sight of your CTA. To be sure they stay reminded, add your CTA wherever relevant so they can see it as they go through the info.

Try not to constantly bombard the idea to avoid breaking your prospect’s flow. Instead, naturally place it across your content.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Most internet traffic comes from mobile users. It highlights the value of developing a landing page that prospects can access anywhere. Consider checking web design services to optimize your page both ways.

Optimize Traffic Source

Keep your landing page design based on your traffic source. This way, they work effectively regardless of what strategy you use.

For example, if you pay for the traffic source, keep your content clear and concise. On the other hand, if you want to get organic traffic, focus on copywriting practices to increase user engagement.

Use Testimonies

A powerful persuasion tool in building a brand is testimonies and reviews. Display genuine customer insight on your landing page to let prospects know they can trust you. The more they see how customers and partners value your brand, the more they build trust for your products.

Consider Different Page Options

It also helps to consider your landing page options. If you want to build a compelling website, you should know what works with your audience.

Moreover, the kind of landing page you create depends on what you want to achieve. Is it lead generation, sales, or registration? Identify that one goal and build off the rest around that.

Enhance Your Landing Page to Gather Successful Leads

Brands can use a landing page to attract prospects while presenting their services briefly enough to gather interest. It brings benefits that allow you to build your business and increase your brand awareness.

When you optimize your landing page and build it based on your audience and goals, you can also enjoy those perks!

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