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3 Urgent Signs You Need Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

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You’re enjoying a particularly hot night in your home when you realize something’s not right. After checking the thermostat, you find out your air conditioner isn’t acting right and you need emergency AC repair right away.

But how do you know if it’s really an emergency? For some homeowners, the thought of needing an emergency repair is enough to keep their other appliances turned off. But is that really the right thing to do?

Keep reading to learn some of the most obvious emergency air conditioner repair signs.

1. Unusual Noises

Unusual noises emanating from an air conditioner can be a sign of emergency air conditioner repair. Unfamiliar or unusual hissing, banging, buzzing, or squeaking noises are warning signs that something is not working properly in the system. It is important to take these sorts of sounds seriously, as they can indicate:

If heard, the best course of action is to contact a professional for emergency air conditioner repair. Additionally, a clanking noise or strange smell could indicate that something is in the system’s moving parts or wiring, and should similarly be investigated by a professional.

2. Warm Air Blowing from the Vents

Warm air blowing from the vents is one of the urgent signs that you need emergency HVAC repair. In the summer, it’s crucial to have a functioning air conditioner in the home.

Not only does the lack of cool air cause discomfort, but it can also put your family at risk of health issues due to overheating. Issues such as dust or dirt clogging the air filter, a fan motor that needs replacing, or a broken condenser motor could all be causing warm air to blow out of the vents.

To ensure that your family is safe and comfortable, contact a professional air conditioner repair technician as soon as you notice warm air blowing out of the vents. The technician will quickly diagnose the problem and fix your AC unit to ensure that you can cool your home properly.

3. Ice in the System

An urgent sign that you need emergency air conditioner repair in relation to ice in the system is when you’ve already tried all the typical solutions, such as cleaning and inspecting the coils and filters, but you are still noticing signs of ice.

If you’re consistently seeing ice on the indoor coil, it can be a sign of serious trouble and could mean your unit is not functioning properly.

These could indicate that water has gotten into the system and is freezing up the components, potentially leading to further damage and costly repairs. 

Beware of These Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Signs

It is wise to be alert and attentive when it comes to the condition of your air conditioner. If you have noticed any of these signs, it is important to seek emergency air conditioner repair services.

Avoid further damage and increased repair costs and contact an AC repair technician today!

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