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6 Common Errors in AC Installations and How to Avoid Them

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Are you getting a new air conditioner installed in your home? Cool! But before you go, you should research the most common errors in AC installations.

This way, you can prevent any issues before they arise. Installing an AC is difficult, and you clearly don’t want to give your AC installation company more work to do.

Want to know more? If so, then read on. In this article, we’ll give you a list of common mistakes AC installers make and how to avoid these mistakes.

1. Using Improper Installation Equipment

Using improper installation equipment when installing an AC unit can be a serious safety hazard. This usually leads to costly repairs.

An example is using HVAC equipment that is meant for HVAC service. There are lots of differences between HVAC and AC. Both may require different installation equipment and procedure.

Using incorrect tools can contribute to leaky seals and poor insulation, resulting in a less effective AC system.

2. Not Following the Manufacturing Install Guide

Without following the guide, one can cause damage to the AC unit. It can also cause repairs or create an unsafe installation. As a result, this may void warranties and insurance coverage.

It is incredibly important for an installer to read and understand the manual prior to attempting installation.  

3. Performing DIY AC Install

Performing a DIY air-conditioning installation is a risky proposition. DIY Installation can lead to issues such as:

  • inadequate wiring
  • insufficient insulation
  • wrong unit size
  • misunderstanding AC capabilities

Choosing an AC installation service is the best way for this project rather than risk mistakes and potentially deal with serious consequences.

4. Not Performing Leak Test

Failing to perform a leak test is one common mistake that is often made during the installation of an AC unit. This important task should be done both prior to installation and after the unit is in place.

A leak test is meant to determine if there are any refrigerant leaks or bad connections. Doing so can prevent back jobs, rework, and high AC installation costs.

5. Incorrect Thermostat Position

If the thermostat is positioned too close to an outside wall, window, or heat-producing appliance, it could give false readings and send signals to the AC. This could cause the AC to run constantly and waste energy.

To ensure proper placement and thermostat settings, it’s best to have a professional take care of your AC installation. An HVAC technician will know to avoid common mistakes.

6. Improper Duct Sealing

Common AC installation mistakes involving duct sealing include failing to attach an access door to the air ducts and not sealing the ducts that have spaces between them.

Sometimes it is using the wrong type of duct sealing material. To get the most out of an AC installation, always make sure to use high-quality sealing materials and fit access doors where appropriate.

Avoid These Errors in AC Installations

Common errors in AC installations can be costly and inconvenient. Doing your research can help you avoid these mistakes and ensure your home is ready for the summer’s heat. For more information, contact a local AC service professional today for help with your AC installation. 

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