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Celebrate: 8 Tips for Throwing a Wedding Anniversary Party

by Business Highers
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Are you looking to throw a party but aren’t sure what type to have? Maybe you’re interested in throwing a wedding anniversary party?

Wedding anniversaries are days to celebrate tied bonds. Throwing a wedding anniversary party helps get the whole family together, and it’s a great theme for the kids.

Read on to learn these tips for planning a wedding anniversary party you so desire to throw.

1. Set a Date and Budget

When deciding when to throw a wedding anniversary celebration, it’s important to set a date and budget. The date should factor in how much time is needed to plan the event and the guests who will be attending.

Budgeting is essential for staying on track. Knowing how much you can and are willing to spend will provide a guideline for setting prices for food, drinks, and other items. Estimates should be included when planning for any possible costs that may arise.

Setting a realistic budget with wiggle room will help with unexpected costs. Consider who will be paying for the party, and make sure you have enough budget to cover the expense. Finally, consider the date and budget of the anniversary party in relation to any other events that will be taking place.

2. Choose a Venue

Choosing a venue for a wedding anniversary party is an important step. You need to make sure that the place you choose can fit all of your guests and is appropriate for the kind of event you are having.

Look for a place that has enough space for your guest list. Think about the amount of time you will be there and what activities you plan on having.

Consider if the venue has enough parking/transport for everyone, and pick a venue that pays attention to catering and décor. Make sure the equipment provided by the venue is of good quality and your money’s worth.

3. Create a Guest List

Creating a guest list for a wedding anniversary party is an important first step. First, make a list of close family, couples that attended the original wedding, and friends that have been there through the years. As well as any meaningful business associates who shared in the past year’s successes.

Secondly, decide if children are invited – if so, make sure to have a children’s corner set up with activities. Furthermore, break the guest list into categories:

  • immediate family
  • close friends
  • extended family
  • business associates

Finally, remember to keep the numbers in check. It’s impossible to invite everyone, and overwhelming guests may not make for a successful party. Keep staples like return address labels, postcards, and RSVP cards handy to aid in the invitation process.

4. Choose a Theme

Choosing anniversary party themes is one of the most important decisions to make. Depending on the couple’s personalities, a vintage, romantic, or casual feel can bring the event to life.

A decade-themed party can mark a special milestone or, for a fun twist, a masquerade ball. Layering your chosen theme with creative details will help set the scene and make it even more personalized.

5. Plan the Menu

Planning the anniversary party menu is an important part of making sure that the event is a success. It’s important to think of the number of people expected to attend and find the right balance of food and drinks.

To start, make a list of everyone invited to the party. Consider whether the menu should have vegetarian and vegan options to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions.

Find out what food the honored couple likes and try to tailor the menu to their tastes. Consider hosting a taste-testing event to determine the best recipes for the feast.

Planning the food and drinks beforehand is essential and will be a lot easier if you get help from a catering service. A good place to start would be keeping in touch with services like Gathar. Gathar is a catering marketplace wherein you can ensure that all your catering needs will be met.

6. Decorate with Personal Touches

Decorating a wedding anniversary party with personal touches is a great way to ensure it reaches its full potential. Start with a few sentimental pieces that reflect not just the happy couple, but all who have attended throughout the years.

Display pictures from past events, post their wedding vows, hang streamers, or showcase memorabilia. Add a few stories of moments shared to show the couple’s growth and how far they have come since their special day.

Incorporate their favorite colors, flowers, and even wearables that hold significance in their lives. When in doubt, keep a vision board or scrapbook of their life’s journey and allow the celebration of their momentous occasion to come alive.

7. Entertainment and Activities

Entertainment and activities should be planned with care when throwing a wedding anniversary party. Music is a must, ranging from the couple’s favorite hits to timeless classics. Consider hiring a live band or a live DJ to create a fun atmosphere.

Have the couple’s friends or family members do a special dance routine to add a personal touch. For activities, try trivia games that reminisce over the couple’s anniversary year.

Have the couple share funny stories with one another, or have guests share their fondest memories of the couple. Engage everyone with a game of charades or scavenger hunt. Organize a photo booth to capture splendid moments of the evening.

8. Party Favors and Thank You Notes

When planning a wedding anniversary celebration, party favors and thank you notes are an essential part of the celebration. Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending, while thank you notes are an important way to show your appreciation.

When choosing party favors, think of something personal that would be meaningful to the couple. For example, heart-shaped candles or chocolate-covered strawberries.

As for thank-you notes, you can purchase pre-printed cards or create your own. Include a heartfelt message expressing thanks for the special day and how much the guests are appreciated. Remember to include contact information so that your guests can stay in touch.

Start Planning a Wedding Anniversary Party Today

Your wedding anniversary party should be a joyous and unique event. Follow these 8 tips to make sure your big event is a success!

Remember to keep the guests in mind, choose the perfect decorations and music, plan tasty food and special desserts, create thoughtful activities, select meaningful gifts, memorialize the occasion, and create a relaxed and welcoming environment. Good luck!

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