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How to Pack Jewelry For Moving

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how to pack jewelry for moving

In moving to your new home, you have tons of important stuff to pack. But apart from all furniture and essentials, you should also pay attention to your jewelry and other delicate valuables that require special packing.

This article will discuss how to pack jewelry for moving in a way that you can rest assured that everything will make it to your new home safe and sound. Let’s go!

Keep the Necklaces from Getting Entangled

One of the moving tips for packing jewelry is to keep the necklaces from getting tangled. To do this, start by looping the necklaces around a paper towel roll before folding them. This will prevent them from snagging on other pieces and getting twisted.

After looping the necklaces around the roll, you can then add tissue paper and wrap them in bubble wrap. Once the necklaces are safely wrapped, use zip ties or more tissue paper and bubble wrap to keep them secured.

You may also hire a company for professional packing services to ensure your necklaces are never misplaced.

Ensure That Your Earrings Stay in Pair

When packing jewelry for a move, it is important to ensure that your earrings stay in pair. Start by sorting out your earrings and create piles of studs, hoops, and dangles. Then, choose an appropriate type of container.

It could be a divided jewelry box, individual zip lock bags, or even a travel jewelry pouch. Make sure to put each pair of earrings in each of their designated compartments or zip-lock bags.

Don’t forget to wrap large earrings in soft cloth to avoid scratching other jewelry. For further protection, layer each earring on either end of a thick cotton pad or bubble wrap.

Seal all the bags or containers securely with tape. Label each one for easier unpacking and to ensure that all your earrings stay in their pairs. This may take a bit of time and effort, but your jewelry will remain safe and organized during the move.

Keep Your Rings Safe

When packing jewelry for a move, it is important to keep your rings safe. Start by shopping for ring cases and velvet jewelry pouches. Place each ring inside its own pouch or case to prevent scratching and protect against loss or theft.

If you have a collection of rings, you can also use a jewelry organizer to keep everything neatly stacked. When packing, place each pouch or case inside a larger box or container and fill any remaining space with packing material like foam or tissue.

Be sure to label each pouch or case with a description of what’s inside and keep items together. For extra security, consider adding a padlock to the box or container. By following these steps, you can be sure your rings will remain safe throughout your move.

Best Tips on How to Pack Jewelry for Moving

Overall, learning how to pack jewelry for moving means keeping the pieces secure, undamaged, and organized. It is also important to have the appropriate materials for packing jewelry, such as jewelry boxes and small bubble wrap.

Try out these tips for a stress-free move! If you want to get more organized for your upcoming move, contact a professional to help you every step of the way.

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