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How Cybersecurity Tests Work to Safeguard Your Business

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Different types of cyber attacks cost more than $6 trillion across the globe annually – and that was just in 2021. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, those costs will grow to more than $10 trillion annually by 2025. What types of cybersecurity tests are you doing to ensure the protection of your system?

Cybersecurity solutions to determine flaws in your system include penetration testing and risk assessment. Cybersecurity posture is also an important tool.

Here’s more on the types of cybersecurity tests for your business.

Penetration Testing

In many circles, penetration testing is also known as ethical hacking. A cybersecurity solutions team will simulate different types of cyber attacks on your infrastructure. Find the holes in your system, much like a third party would do when they attack your business.

Once the ‘simulated attack’ is complete, the cybersecurity solutions team determines your cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Through ethical hacking, the team will figure out the strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, they will find out where there are opportunities to improve. Your team will also discover if there are other threats.

Risk Assessment

Do you know where the obvious risks are in your cyber infrastructure? Do you know what to expect when something goes wrong?

A risk assessment identifies the primary assets of your business and keeps those informed when and if there’s a data breach. An expert will do this without the presence of a cyber attack.

These types of tests help to lower data loss and downtime. A risk assessment will be eye-opening – it will give you a financial picture of how much a possible attack could cost your operation.

Conducting a risk assessment can help prevent cyberattacks, which are a problem for your customers. Nearly half of all Americans have had their information stolen, according to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Don’t let your customers be a statistic, thanks to your cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Posture

Cybersecurity posture looks at your overall system. It considers the following: software, hardware, networks, and vendors.

Experts will figure out the type of data you collect and how you protect the data. It will also look at how you store the data and how people access it internally and externally.

You can use the information you collect to boost your security further and expose cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


You might be subject to specific rules and regulations depending on your business model. An audit determines whether your business complies. It’s essential to identify any gaps in your system.

An audit will make your business take a driven approach to either change course or make significant improvements. It will also prevent you from paying fines or being subject to legal action should a cyberattack occur.

Types Cybersecurity Tests

Types of cybersecurity tests for your business include penetration testing and risk assessment. In addition, cybersecurity posture and audits are also part of the posture.

Doing these types of tests will improve your cyber infrastructure.

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